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I do not do “heritage” scrapbooks. I just can’t get myself to wrap my mind around it. And honestly some the traditional ones I’ve seen are not my thing. But I have boxes of old photos from my family. I even have a few stories to go along with some of them. Unfortunately, many of the stories and names have been lost. One of the stories I have been told was about my great grandmother, Tryphena. Back her in younger days before she married she would give dramatic readings. She also won some awards for these readings too. One of these readings was titled “Cuba in Chains”. She wore a dramatic gown and held a cuban flag while reading. This is the picture that I have, hand on hip, holding the flag, looking out to some distant horizion, and looking like lady libery herself. It’s a terrific picture, so much costume and drama it has been one of my favorite pictures of her. Up until recently I had never done anything with it besides scan it and put it away.
That changed after reading the latest issue of Summerset Studio. Love this magazine, so much yummy art goodness. But not really how I work. But I got inspired by one of the artist using the old photo backing frame for the founation of a collage. I have a ton of these cardboard folders that are not acid free and all that so I take the photo out and save the frame. I got out one of these frames and I came up with the idea to use a copy of this picture of my gg.
I also used old ledger paper on the base, other bits of old papers and music, and leaves I had dried. I have to admit this is way different for me, but it works and I really like it. I like it so much I have it sitting in my kitchen where I can see it everday. This project has inspired me to try more of this sort of thing. Maybe even start using the bits and pieces I’ve been saving for some day.


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This is a great dare. I have had this packing paper for a while thinking it would be great on a page, really loving the color and fiberous look of it. The stamps are some I found in a box of old photos my grandma gave me, the ledger paper is again old family stuff that I have reams of. Flowers are from a bunch I had hanging around. I used paints for the frame. The title was done using my nifty label printer that I just love! Journaling in on the paper attached with a clip is about our conversation on why a small town farm girl joined the army. It’s a conversation that I’m glad I thought to have with her.

This picture was a self-portrait picture of my grandma when she was stationed in Paris around 1948 while in the army. This summer she gave me boxes of old photos and scrapbooks. One of the scrapbooks was all pictures when she was in the army and stationed in different places. I like seeing these old pictures and wondering the story behind a lot of them. Now she’s almost 88, onery as hell, and more interested in talking about history or politics than in the past. I hope to be just as onery when I’m 88. God knows she’s earned it.

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balancing act

I don’t think I am the only person out there who struggles with balance. With or without kids, it can be a real struggle to keep priorities straight and remember to take care of ourselves.
This layout shows the things I need to take care of. This picture I took while standing over the start of the missouri river. It reminds me of how I have to straddle different things and keep all the balls in the air.
So my struggle is balancing the needs of my family, husband and twins, with the duties of being full time house wife and all that entails, the small accounting job I do at home, the clubs and other activities I am involved in, and my needs.

I have a terrific family, great husband, and the cutest babies ever. I live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood. I have a diverse circle of friends. I have a husband who works hard to keep me home with the babies. We aren’t rich, or poor, just an average family trying to raise our kids the best we know how and try to adhere to a budget of some sorts. All that being said, it’s not all I need to be happy. Here’s the sticky ground. Personally, I can be happy with the above and not require much else. But I really need creative time. I need time to get lost in a good book. When I get so busy with everything else the creative things are the first to get skipped over. But I find I get a little cranky when I can’t do something creative. Even as much as I love hanging with my friends and doing things with them, there are times I’d rather be getting lost in my latest project.

I can be happy without creative time, but for me to be a whole balanced person, I really need to create.

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Organizing: tupperware style!

I am not a naturally organized person. I operate on the chaos theory of life. I try really hard to get my stuff together and it will last a few days, but eventually it just goes back to chaos. Scrapping stuff is a biggie! How to keep all the goodies that I buy (even when I don’t need) in some kind of order. Now I’d normally not worry too much about this but….. I get real bent out of shape when I know I have some thingy and can’t find it to use on a project. I am currently looking for a lost packet of HS bling. So if you can find you’ll use it right? But who wants to spend lots of money on all the organizing things out there when you could buy more cardstock and stuff.
SO a couple of things I’ve struggled with storing and my cheap-o solutions.

Buttons– love them, but having them in a jar I never really used them because I’d have to nearly dump out the whole jar to get what I wanted. Enter exhibit a:

a “vintage” red tupperware relish tray. I sorted them into 3 groups and it makes it easier to see what I have and it looks pretty cute on my table. And it was cheap, found it at a thrift store for like a buck!

Ribbon– again, love them and love to acquire more. For a while I had them sorted by color in ziploc baggies and hanging on a big binder ring. This worked pretty good, I could see what I had and it was easy to take to a crop or friends house to use. I still like this system. My problem, I accumulated more ribbons and my bags were getting thrashed and every time I opened up a bag all the ribbons would spring out! Enter exhibit b: cute candy jars from Big Lots.

Okay, these where probably a bit much but, I loved them and their cute painted lids. But I couldn’t choose a color so I picked out a few of each. These were about 3$ each. Not bad right? I saw a similar jar from a scrapbook company that were plastic and selling for 4.50$ each. I bought a few at a time until I had my ribbon complied. And then I thought about altering the lids, but I liked their cute, simple colors. So I thought I’d spell a word on the lids with rub-ons. And it just so happens that I could spell “ribbon” Ha Ha.

Chipboard thingies– you know the letters, buttons, shapes, clocks, and etc. Once you rip open the package, you are left with a pile of thingies to store. For a while I just threw these all in a bin, but that was a huge mess to dig through each time I needed something. Enter exhibit c: yet another “vintage” tupperware relish tray (the big one)

This thing comes with a lid and handle so if you had your things stored flat you could close it and pack it. I never do so it just sits on my table. I love this, and my other relish tray. They are both a great color of red-one of my favorite colors. And the best part they were totally cheap! I think this bigger one was maybe 2$.
The extra bonus is it reminds me of my mom making relish plates for big family get togethers.

So my advice? Take a trip to a thrift store and look in the plastic section. Gotta love those funky “vintage” tupperware colors. And I love using the word vintage in quotes.
Got any cool ideas to share??

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too much?

My weakness: I always think I can do more than I actually can. I think I am able to do way more than a normal human being can, so then I get over whelmed and fail. Then I beat myself up for not meeting this huge expectations. vicious
So in response to the latest dare, what’s your weakness? I have made this layout to remind myself to slow down and not take on more things.
You’d think as a SAHM –stay-at-home-mommy I’d have tons of time to do whatever I needed? And you’d be right, partly. For the most part I do have extra time to do things for myself but lately my time is getting used by other things. I am an active member in my local moms of multiples club. I volunteered to be on the new-mom committee and help with welcoming new moms, setting up social activities, and providing support. Sounds great right? Here’s the problem: it requires much more of my time and effort than I realized it would. And honestly it’s more time than I want to give. Sure I could do my phone calls and emails and other duties during my babies’ nap. But that’s MY time, my time to scrapbook, craft and create something. So call me selfish but I hated giving up those precious hours a couple of times a week.
I also am the cook, house-cleaner, and laundry lady at my house. These are my duties as a SAHM, and these are things I do to help my hubby get to work each and every day so he can earn the paychecks (and insurance) that keep our little family going.
So I quit. I decided I have way too much on my plate and I need to unload. I feel a little bad about it, who wants to be a quitter? Not me. But I also don’t want to be the one who falls behind and short changes the group and our new moms because I have too much going on.

And I decided it takes a strong woman to know when she’s reached her limits and is willing to admit it. So there it is.

The bright spot is I have made a few layouts this past week and a mini book.
Yay for me!

And this is my personal declaration:
I will do something creative every day. I will nurture the creative spirit that is in me, every day. I will not take on anything else that takes time from the things I have to do in my home and those things I need to do in my art.

So in response to the latest dare, what’s your weakness? I have made this layout to remind myself to slow down and not take on more things.
my weakness

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