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The challenge from one little word: perfect.
This gave me a chance to use some of my cool new stuff from Cocoa Daisy’s August and September kit. Normally when I get my hands on some cool new paper I’m hesitant to cut into that pristine sheet. This is especially true with these kits that have really cool papers that I haven’t seen in my local LSS. But I challenged myself to cut into those papers and make a really fun book for me. I make lots of books, and rarely do I make one just for me so this one I really tried to have fun with.

perfect life book

The idea behind the book was to have the title be (im)perfect life. Because not one person has a perfect anything. (Although my babies are darn near there) But then I found a cute pic of them from nearly a year ago and decided to use that in the title of my book. I used this book to highlight some of my favorite photos and let it be a story of me being thankful for my life as it is right now. It’s not perfect but it’s still a great life, there are things I’d change but really for the most part: I have a pretty perfect little life.


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There are times when I come up with an idea that I think is just the coolest thing ever! Yesterday was one of those times. Most of my ribbon is in candy jars and sorted by color. But I have bought a few big spools of ribbon from Stampin Up that have about 5 yards or more each. So I’m always messing with the spools and winding the ribbon up. Here is a cute little box I decorated a while back.

I had no real purpose or plan just used some fun and bright paper and ribbons and covered it. I’ve been using it to hold my ribbon spools and other odds and ends. Then I got to thinking about ribbon holders I’ve seen with a wooden dowel. So I poked holes with a sharp knife and used a pencil since I couldn’t find a dowel.
Love these kind of ideas. Cheap, simple, cute, functional. Not bad at all.

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