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I don’t know how many of you out there are like this, but I always have more than one book I’m reading, project I’m working on, or some household chore that is ongoing (like laundry). So here is a pile of the stuff I’ve been working on.

There are the two square canvases my Rv log book, a happy mini book, a giggle mini book (a gift), my daily something inspired by Ali, a fabric covered house book, 100 things notebook, wreck this journal, a friend mini book, and a covered notebook.
Well, when I got to looking at these projects I decided I really needed to get them done and move on. No more of this or that project waiting for inspiration to happen. Just do it. So here’s what I’ve finished so far:

The canvases that I’ve held on to forever waiting for the “perfect” project. I used staz-on ink, new Heidi Grace stamps that I got from a very cool person-May. I added a little Heidi Swapp bling, paper and cool brads from a Cloud 9 paper kit. I’ve added ribbon to hang them on the wall in my babies’ room. I’m thinking a cute peg board hanging in their room would be fun for hanging stuff like this. Might have to find a cheap unfinished wood one.

My Rv Log Book.

RV Log

The ribbon binding is an idea from Donna Downey off of the Simple Magazine’s web site. The foundation of the book is plain old cardboard covered with some of my favorite Chatterbox papers. This was made to document our little family’s adventures in the old motor home we bought off of craig’slist. And they have been adventures. Just think of any of the family vacation movies mixed in with 16 month old twins. Inside I have used a variety of things like maps, receipts, brochures, pictures, and scrap stuff. One of my awesome friends gave me the remains of a Stampin Up travel kit which had a bunch of self-adhesive die cuts, papers, and other fun things. Some of the other papers are American Crafts.
So I made the book before we left for our first trip, I packed some quickie stuff I wanted to use on the road and kept a journal of our trip. When I got home I made wallets in Photoshop, printed them at Walgreens and added the pics and finished it up. We only managed two trips for the summer but we put about 1500 miles on the motor home.

Giggle book.

giggle mini book

Was made as a gift for someone who gave my kids some cute shirts and other things. Just a thank you for being sweet. It was also requested because she loved my little books and wanted one of the babies. Used a new set of paper from Stampin Up, I think the boho line.

My daily something.

daily something

I started this in August and well, it’s October and I kind of quit doing it. I had great intentions and about every week I made at least one entry. The book is from recycled envelopes from bills and junk, and bound it with my new Zutter Bind it all. I think I’ll start back into it now, do something once a week. I like to do crafty/creative stuff every day. But it’s hard with two toddlers and when I’m lacking inspiration or motivation to do anything crafty.

100 things notebook.
Taken from the list of 100 creative things by Keri Smith. Started this last fall and did a few off of the list. Looking back at it I think this may be fun to keep handy to do when I’m stumped for ideas or need a little down time.

Wreck This Journal.
Book by Keri Smith. It is a book of things to do to the book, some are cool and some are off the wall. I had it a friends house where after a few glasses of red wine we took turns playing with the book. I highly recommend this as a gift for any crafty/arty person you know, or as a fun family gift. I think my niece is getting one of these for her birthday, just need to warn her not to do the parts where it tell you to burn a page.

Happy book.

Happy Book

Just some fun pictures I wanted to play with using a free Cloud 9 paper kit and Heidi Grace acrylic stamps. Simple, easy, and so fun to look at.

Friend Book.
Again using a free Cloud 9 paper kit and embellies and Heidi Grace acrylic stamps. I just need to get photos of my friends and journaling to finish it off.
There’s more to this story but can’t share until later!

And that’s just a little sample of my piles. I’m not even going into the piles of laundry I need to fold and put away. ICK!


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