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There are pictures I’ve taken that I just love. Pictures that just seem to say, “scrap me please”. Often times I will use the same picture or pictures in multiple layouts or mini books.

Last year my babies were 10 months old. This was before they were really moving and would sit for a few seconds to let me get some great shots of them in their Christmas outfits and Hats. My little girl was so sweet in her first Christmas Dress and I was able by pure coincidence to capture her sweetness.
I discovered that I had scrapped this same picture three times!

Why would a person scrap the same photo three times?
Well for me, I have an album for each of my babies, and one for everything else. So if there is something I really want to have in my album and one for the babies I end up making more than one layout. Sometimes I’ll do this in one sitting, and sometimes I will scrap them separately of each other. This may seem like a lot of work, but repetition really makes quick work of this.
How about you? Do you scrap for your kids? Do they have their own albums?

Here are a couple more pages I done for my babies, you can see they have different pictures, papers, and embellishments, but both have the same basic layout.


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