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To do list:

What are you working on right now? I have so many things going on that I feel like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! I bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago, made a cute little wristlet and a heavy curtain for my little girls room.

So here’s what I’m working on right now:


-trying to entertain my two toddlers

-hemming a pair of coveralls for my little guy, they are about 5 inches too long.

-clean off my buffet and re-decorate it

-clean off my counters and my kitchen


-laundry—does it ever end?

-making a mini book about the evolution of my hubby and I’s life together

-learning how to use my Cricut (more later)

-cleaning my house

-clearing all of the winter gear out of the hall closet, it is spring right?

-planting the 30+ summer bulbs I bought at Costco, maybe before they sprout?

-learning how to use my new wiz-bang photo printer

-trying to update my family blog, my crafty blog and my personal website

-writing articles for my blog plus a couple of other blogs

-just realizing I have a deadline for an online crafty mag for an article that I forgot!

-trying to get my house clean and organized period!

-getting ready for my hubby’s hip replacement next tuesday

-reading 3 different books

-get my craft area cleaned up

-watching Bob the Builder and Calliou for the 100th time

-make a few cards


-get back into watercolor painting


So my list is huge, and nearly all of these items could have sub-points under them. My lists are making more lists. It’s like going to a buffet, you load up your plate, excited to dig in and realize, you’ve taken on way more than you could ever eat or do. But that’s life right? 


What’s on your list today? Anyone else this happy when they clean?




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