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DIY Butterfly Wreath

In my lovely google reader, I get inspiration from Decor 8, a really great site full of design inspiration in graphic, home, fashion, and lots of other lovely things! While I live in a house occupied by three year old twins and a husband who doesn’t mind my decorating attempts–as long as they don’t interfere with his daily routines:) So, I try to keep it simple, and out of the reach of little people! Anyway, I found this post about wreaths. And I fell in love with the butterfly wreath. Now, I am a DIY girl who just bought the Big Shot from Stampin Up! along with the exclusive Butterfly die! So, I knew I could make this. Now if you don’t have this very cool thing, you could cut your own butterflies using an image from your computer’s clip art or do an image search for a simple butterfly template.

I also found in this article a link to a beautiful etsy artist, Beach Cottage Studio who sells butterfly wreaths and cut butterflies that you can buy to use on your own projects.

Here’s what you need:
-butterfly die or template, need 2 or 3 different sizes
-double sided patterned papers, I used the free Salabration paper from Stampin Up!
-embroidery hoop
-adhesive, I used gel medium which sticks to anything and dries clear
-ribbon to hang

1. cut out a variety of butterfly shapes, the Big shot butterfly die cuts 4 different butterflies at a time, which makes this go fast!

From Butterfly Wreath

2. Lay your hoop flat, place a few butterflies to see how you want it to hang. My hoop was a 49 cent find at my favorite thrift store, it’s plastic, with a large bulky piece that I decided I could use as a hanger for ribbon.

From Butterfly Wreath

3. Next, start layering the butterflies. I folded the butterflies in the center a little, then brushed adhesive on the center.

From Butterfly Wreath

Alternate sizes, and papers, working around the wreath until it’s as full as you’d like it.

From Butterfly Wreath

This would be a fun project for older kids. And if you don’t want to deal with a messy adhesive you could use glue dots instead. I also thought halfway through this that one could laminate the paper to make this a durable outer door wreath.
I’d love to see your variations on this!


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I recently purchased Kelly Rae Roberts’ book Taking Flight. I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while, and it is so worth getting! I am reading it in stages. The first stage was sitting in a quiet corner just thumbing thru the beautiful images. Next, I started to randomly flipping it open to the different tutorials and reading them. And now, I’m starting at the beginning of the book reading the words, soaking them up. So, if you read this just for the images, the tutorials, or the inspiring words– you will definitely find this a book worth getting!
And here’s my first piece inspired by the book. I’ve played on scraps with the techniques but this piece is just a fun little bit of whimsy to get some paints out.

From canvas

This is a small canvas, 4×5 inches. The starting point was the “wish” tickets. I bought a roll of these at a antique/thrift shop thinking they’d be fun to play with, eventually. The wings were left from a Autumn Leaves paper kit, the dress is cut from a scrap and the sweet little girl is all mine. It’s not really how I wanted it to be but when my girl saw that I’d made an angel picture of her, she was so happy! So, I hung it on the wall where she can see it.

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