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Looking back through old posts I found this one from May 2007. It’s hard to remember where I was at in my crafty journey but I think this was an attempt at writing my own creative creed. And even though I’ve dabbled in various styles the basic heart of why I scrapbook still stands. I’ve read Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom,and incorporated a lot of the ideas into how I keep things together. But in the end, I still do it for the same reasons, to tell my story, my family’s story as a group and as individuals, document our daily life, and persevere old stories.

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I know that to most people the idea of scrapbooking is that it is a silly hobby for housewifes or “crafty types” to get into. The idea that it’s just cutesy papers and stickers on a page with photos of jr’s 1st birthday. Or collecting all of your vacation pictures and writing silly commentaries about your trip. I think scrapbooking is just like this and it’s more. It’s a hobby where you can make your projects, cards, or scrap books. It can be sweet and lovely, or it can be edgey and artsy. It’s however you want to express yourself.
That being said, why should you scrapbook?
1) to record the stories you want to remember or that you want to pass down
2) document your daily life, the average day in your life
3) document special occasions, life changing moments
4) gather and collect old stories and photos and bring them together to tell a personal history
5) deal with the ups and downs of daily life

Why do you scrapbook?


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