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Holiday House Boutique

This year I’ve participated in a few different craft shows/fairs. Right now I’m making cards, tags, mini books, and tiles to sell at this one.

This promises to be a great mix of handmade items, I’m very excited to participate!

Back to work table!

Happy crafting!


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When my babies were very little I was so obsessed with taking pictures of them, I wanted to capture each little moment because this was such a long time coming and I knew that I’d probably never have a baby again. But then I wanted photos of me with the babies, I didn’t care that I hadn’t lost the baby weight or looked like I hadn’t slept in months, I needed to document that yes I was there too! Since my husband was at work during the day, I was on my own and it was hard to get those sweet shots of mother and child nursing, rocking, or singing. Those pictures in my mind that said “motherhood” to me.

August 2009

I got creative. I got really good at taking shots of us with arm out holding the camera. I used I propped the camera on a book, set the timer, set up a tripod and used the timer again. Then I started taking lots of self portraits thinking that I hated having my picture being taken, so I would just take a lot of photos to get over it. It seemed a little odd and I had to ignore the curious stares I’d get, but it got easier.

September 2007 photo booth

Another reason I like self-portraits is to capture a specific moment. When my babies were still babies, I would sometimes be packing them at the same time, a kid on each hip. This to me was one of the defining things about having twins. I wanted to capture it before they got too big. Even though they still want me to pack them both!

July 07

I could critique this photo, wonder why I thought that stripped shirt was a good idea! Maybe I could have taken it somewhere else in the house with less background stuff. I could think of all kinds of things. But instead I look at how I was strong enough to carry them both in the womb, I was strong enough to pack them both on my hip if needed, and I’m strong enough to take whatever comes my way.

I love this one I took at my parent’s farm, July 07.

July 07
I love the early morning sunrise on my face, I’m looking east to the Teton Mountains, and I’m wondering if I will ever live there again. This is home, my roots, and I always hope that the road I’m on will take me back there.

Looking through my library I’m almost embarrassed how many self portraits I’ve taken in the past few years. I forgot I had an entire album of these!


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washing dishes by hand, enjoying the feel of the warm soapy water, letting my mind just drift with a simple task

looking out my window enjoying the quiet street

seeing birch leaves fall slowly one at a time

hearing the click of little girl dress up shoes, motor sounds from a little boy

enjoying the giggles of my two little people making a fort with the couch cushions

feeling pretty calm and content, forgetting the long to do lists, ignoring the demands of life for just a bit

reminding myself that things usually work out even if I don’t worry over them

Instead of wishing you a great day I hope you can take a little quiet moment to settle yourself.

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I love mini books.
They are fast, fun, great way to document an event with lots of photos, and a great way to share photos. I’ve admitted that I take a lot of photos of my two cuties, but even I can only scrapbook so many photos! So I started three years ago making minis as a way to celebrate seasons and to give to the grandparents.
My two basic types are Tag and Accordion. And these two can be interpreted in many different ways.

I love tag books, either made with pre-made tags or ones I’ve made my own tags or shapes. These were tags I made to the size I wanted, bound with a binder ring, accented with ribbon, ink, paper, and stamps. I also use ribbon or twine for binding. Usually I will add a brief bit of journalling.


Another variation of tags is using die cut shapes like the Top Note from Stampin Up!.

This was a gift for my husband showing the things I love about him as a daddy and husband in photos. Each little envelope is a mini love note to him. Kind of sappy but so true.

The second type of mini, the accordion is not a new idea, I’ve seen this done all over magazines and online in a million of ways. But my variation, I call the “wallet mini” I came up on my own when my dad complained that he needed pictures of the babies to pack around to show around. So I wanted to make a mini book of photos to carry that wouldn’t be too “foofy” and would fit in a shirt pocket like the notebooks that he carries daily. Then the hubby piped up that he wanted something that wouldn’t take up too much room in cubical’ville.

I used the size of a business card as the starting point, growing into a slightly larger size to accommodate a 2×3 wallet sized photo. The embellishing and binding is kept simple. My husband likes to stand these on his desk at work. M
I like them to stay closed when folded so I’ll twist a piece of twine around a button or make a “garter” out of ribbon or elastic cording that can be slipped on and off easily!

Using wallet sized photos:

Using smaller photos:

My dad has a spot where he keeps his important daily things along with all of the minis I’ve made for him in the last three years. All of these minis are a little faded and worn. They look like they’ve been carried in a shirt pocket and taken out many times and unfolded. I love seeing this! Love seeing that something that I made is carried with such love!

And to me this is the whole point of minis: your photos are meant to be looked at, carried around, shared, and touched.

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