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While trying to maintain my balance I am reminded constantly that I’m not a very coordinated person most of the time and I stumble and fall. One thing that has made me very happy is my “new” art journal.
Originally, a 50 cent book that smelled funky.

The title amused me, and I thought to actually use it’s ideas but that didn’t happen.
Last summer I ripped a few pages out of each signature, randomly stuck pages together with acrylic medium as part of my grand scheme to make a book about our summer. I randomly painted a few pages and ignored it for months.

Then this February I grabbed my new paint brush (from my sweet hubby who missed his wife who painted and was happy) and my small watercolor kit and started to paint in the book. Mostly doodles with paint but still it felt good to paint. As I played I tried watercolor painting on a gesso surfaced and this caused a big AHA! moment.
My method is to scrap a light layer of gesso on the book pages with a credit card (best use for those evil things!) and as I scrapped I let some of the text or images to show through. Very random.

Then I started drawing big flowers, thinking of bright colored hibiscus type of flowers. Added a lot of color, and then took a pencil that came in a big set of drawing pencils and it’s called “3b wash”. I found accidentally in another experiment that this pencil smeared and ran when it got wet. And these just made me incredibly happy!

Next page was a self portrait-sort of. I want spring, I want growing green things almost more than I want my statistics course to end!
So I thought of how happy I am digging in the dirt, how crazy excited I get when I spot the first crocus or tulip bit of green pushing through the soil, and my self portrait became something entirely else!

This page had some oppsy color drippage from my earlier experiments that were not covered very well by the gesso so the face is a bit odd, but again this makes me pretty happy.

And I have come to understand that I need to paint everyday, and that watercolor is really my preferred medium. Every morning I get up at 4:30 to study, do some homework and then I take a little time to paint in my book before I go get ready for work and get my family up and ready to head out the door.

What makes you happy? Remind yourself and try to fit it into your day if you can!


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