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It’s happened. My big art/craft table has been cleaned off and is being put to a new use.
No more will there be piles of projects waiting to be finished, brushes sitting nearby to use.

Now, it’s a work table, a place for all of my computer stuff, room to work on papers and read text books.

This felt a bit like a loss, as if I was closing the door on one part of my life to focus on another part of my life. As I cleaned and packed up I realized a few things:
* I have a hoarding problem, I don’t need intervention yet, but it’s a problem
* I have enough water color paper and journals to paint for years
* I have so much stuff I can’t hardly function in this space
* I have to focus on my graduate studies and family and something’s gotta give
* I have to create, make things

So, I have kept out a small case of essential supplies handy

Not only is it cute and vintage, but it’s just the right size to pack anywhere.

Inside I have my current journal, half pan water colors, caran crayons, pens, adhesive, brushes and pencils.

Let’s see how this works……


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journal pages

This book, is an art journal. Some times I feel the need to write about my life and sometimes I just need to paint.
As I work on my masters thesis which changed a week ago into a much bigger project I have had little time to create.
Here are some pages that I worked on a few weeks ago.

Always love poppies, waiting for mine to bloom.

Fascinated with bare trees, with the starkness of the dark tree against a muddy blue sky. This is also how I feel sometimes.

Another bare tree and bold flower. The two sides of my personality at times.

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In one of my more randomly inspired moments a month ago, I created a mission statement on my youtube account. As I looked at the videos I like, it’s pretty random stuff that really is what my life is about. Videos on art journals, painting, Lady Gaga, Glee, statistics, biology, chemistry, geology, funny and more. I remember reading somewhere a few years ago about writing a personal mission statement as an artist. So here’s mine.

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Last week for spring break I took a day to go exploring with one of my very favorite people and we hit a few antique and thrift shops.
First, a date thing. Cost: 75 cents!

I know, with all the technology in my life this is probably crazy, but I love it!

Next up, a globe. Cost 4$

First, I love the colors! Second, it’s old enough that there are still the colonial names of the African colonies, very few individual country names.

Now a cute little case. Cost 12$

I have a thing for suitcases, I’m kind of nut about them! I use them to store art supplies, ephemera, etc. Much nicer than plastic bins.

And finally, the BIG purchase at $24.

Found this beauty at an antique store and could not walk away from it. It’s my newest favoritest thing ever!
When my hubby gave me the “really-you-brought-home-another-typewriter-look” as I revealed this latest treasure I explained that I walked away from a matching phone that weighed about 20 lbs!
He just shook his head and walked away. Not much else he could say.
My kids love typing on the typewriter and working on their names. So now my junk has an “educational purpose”.

Ha!! I love it.
What about you, what have you found lately?
And be honest, would you have been able to walk away from that typewriter?

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Our little guy Jack loves to take photos. I keep my nikon d40 handy to help me take more photos. And Jack will pack the camera around the house and take photos. I have the strap on all the time and have taught him to always have it around his neck if he’s taking photos. I know it may seem a little absurd to allow a 5 yr old to pack my camera, but he’s pretty careful with it so we let him take a few pics.
So when I upload photos I never know what I’ll find.

lots of self portraits

always love his point of view

sister posing


things he’s interested in


his trucks

lots of wiener dog butts!

love seeing his point of view, looking at things that interest him.

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Looking at mindfulness

With this post I announced my word of the year mindfulness.
My intent was to be present in the here and now, stop trying to multitask, eat mindfully, live mindfully.
And now, four months later I can see where I’ve done some of that but for the most part I’ve fallen off the wagon. Now normally this would the time for me to start belittling myself for failing so soon and just throw my hands up and quit.

Except, I’m also working on being a little nicer to myself and forgiving myself for being human. And I remind myself that I just need to take one thing at a time. All of the stuff going on in life will be there waiting.

So, as you’re reading this: stop, take a breathe and remember to slow down once in a while.

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Back from hiatus!

I’m back, actually never went anywhere.

The past two weeks I have been dealing with sick kids, being sick myself, trying to get my thesis proposal finished, and keep on top of my grading. This last week was spring break and for once we did nothing. We traveled no where. Just the kids and me, hanging out, going to the gym, saw Gnomeo and Juliet (now I want a few garden gnomes!), and just relaxing.
I should have done my school work and I should have done some grading. But I didn’t, it will still be there when Monday rolls around right?

We did go on a couple of hikes on the river, looking for birds and bugs. I’ll share those photos in another post.
Now, must gear up for work. ick.

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