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Preschool Graduation

Last night my babies graduated from preschool. The program was a patriotic themed program and they sang some of the older songs such as “Your a grand old flag”. All of the little people looked so cute and did a great job.
Before the program I had to have a couple of pictures.

Whoa! Who are these big kids? Some times I still pinch myself that these interesting little people came from me, how lucky am I to be their momma?

As I was doing my girl’s hair she looked in the mirror and told me she doesn’t look like a little girl she looks like a “woman”. Oh, no where did my baby girl go?

And my little guy who is such a independent little man, he knows what he wants and doesn’t want and is not afraid to share it! And according to him this is “nice” smile!

Mr. Jack, who got the imagination award because he is always telling stories.

Miss Clara, who got the happy face award because she is always smiling!

My boys, complete with chocolate frosting.


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I just finished up my grueling research class and have a week before I start another class. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s December!
In the meantime, went on a “team-building” golf date with my fellow teachers. I took lots of pictures and was mostly focused on the birds and landscape. There were several red-winged blackbirds flying about a few of the water features. I love how their yellow and red patches are hidden until they start flying.

I started a large experimental piece centered around the red-winged blackbird. This is on a 18×24 Arches watercolor block pad.

First, I taped off rectangles that loosely inspired by the idea of the golden ratio.

Then I started cutting out my inspiration pieces, a bird from a calendar, definition of a blackbird and image from a dictionary, along with some of the birch bark I have saved from my tree.

I have done some watercolor painting, here and there, collaged my images. And so far I’m liking it.

Here a close up of a colored image and painted scene.

And here another scene of reeds with a nest hidden in the reeds. An image from my vintage bird calendar and information about blackbird nests, along with birch bark.

Right now, this is really making me happy. I like the paintings I’ve done and I haven’t yet decided if I will cut these into small pictures or frame this as one large collage. I like the idea of a large framed piece with the white spaces in between each scene.

Have a happy day.

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