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Boise Field trip

Welcome to the first of new posts: Boise Field Trips highlighting the best places to thrift and discover unique things.
When I thrift I have a rough plan of what places I am going to hit depending on what part of town I’m in and if the kids are with me 🙂

First up, you have to check out this place

You can find very cheap art and craft stuff that artists and interior decorators have donated. (I was in last week and got a few goodies I’ll post later.) If you sew, you need to check this place out fabric samples and remnants!! Currently they have a large pile of leather scraps in bold colors-which I may have to go bad and get.
Now buying more stuff is great but you can also donate your extra art and craft stuff. I’m thinking of some of the projects I never completed or the kits I never got out of the box.
Best of all it’s a half a block from one of my favorite thrift stores!


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