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So, my sweet little babies are turning 4 soon. And it just breaks my heart to see how fast the time has gone since they were my little 5 lb wonders! But the show goes on, I just had to a momma moment.
This year will be our first party with their friends from preschool and should be interesting! I’m hoping the weather is nice enough we can play outside!
So I asked (silly me) what we wanted for a party. My sweet girl wanted hello kitty, and my little guy wanted monster trucks. We are not having two parties, one party with all their classmates.
Thanks to my latest version of photoshop from my very sweet hubby, and google image searches I found a few images to “borrow”. The girls in the class will get hello kitty and the boys will get monster trucks. With twins, everything has come in twos, and I didn’t want their friends’ parents to feel like they had to get two gifts. Make sense?
I know I could buy nearly everything but as a creative momma I really couldn’t do it. I may change that attitude when I attempt to make a pinnata. (spelling on that word??)

First the invites:

Then the outside

Pretty simple huh? Here’s what I did:
-open PSE create a new canvas 3×5 in, added the text in separate boxes so I could move and resize individually
-add my borrowed images, used the eraser tool to clean up images.
-created my own cupcake background using the cupcake shape
-merge all layers or flatten image, and add to a new 8.5×11 in canvas. I fit three to a sheet
-print, trim down to 2 3/4 x 4 1/4 in
-cut cardstock 6 x 4 1/2 in, score at 3 in, adhere to card

Now the Cupcake favors! Again, I could buy something but this wasn’t too hard to do either!

-first I decided the size I wanted to punch each image. I have a 1 3/8 circle punch that I can layer with other punches
-Open a new canvas, 8.5×11 in. And went into the basic shape menu, selected a circle, the size I wanted, and copied a bunch of these on the screen to see how they fit.

-Next I copied my image and pasted it onto the document with the black circles. This way I could use the shape as a template to re-size the image.
-Once my shape is the right size, I deleted the black circles and duplicated the layer that had the shape so I kept my re-sizing. Then filled the page.
-Print and punch out with small circle punch and layer

I need to find flat toothpicks, but these seem to be holding up just fine. The design repeats on both sides to hold the toothpick.

Actually pretty easy. The rest of the decor is lots of colors of balloons and streamers. I might make some of these coffee filter flowers. Don’t they look fun?
But first I need to see about a hello kitty and monster truck wheel pinanta. I’ll post my results later!


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