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finally done

It’s be a long couple of months in my part of the world. Between work, traveling, family, kids, and graduate school my plate has been full.
But now I am happy to announce that I am done.

Two years ago I started my master’s degree. And through hard work and perseverance I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I had a strange feeling when I submitted my last item for my portfolio. I was done. Quietly, with no fan-fare. Just done.

I’m looking forward to reclaiming my life again, to spend more time with my family, to create more, and to be more fully present.


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saw a few hints of spring, had to grab my camera.

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This post by Kim Klassen here is a powerful message about getting out of our own way and to ‘just do it’.

“I’m busy, don’t have time to do ___________.”
“I say I can’t have homework to finish”
I say these things a lot and they are true. I am crazy busy, who in this world isn’t?

But as I re-read this post by Kim, I keep thinking, ya I’m busy but if I can’t make something, even a quick watercolor I feel empty and lost. Even when I take the time to create a quick card to mail I get happy. I like to make things, it makes me happy. And as I create those spaces inside me that were hurting or out of sync–they slip back into place.

It’s almost as though I’m a car getting a wheel alignment. And when I get a chance to get paints out get a brush dirty, I can feel those bruises on my heart healing.

The smell of gesso soothes my overwhelmed senses, drowning out other senses. And the more paint I get under my nails, staining my fingers, worked into my cuticles, the more I feel like I can breathe.

And after, when I can’t quite get all of the paint off of my fingers, I feel a secret smile, because I am carrying with me my art talisman.

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I was inspired by Ali Edwards to come up with a word for the new year. As I still struggle to juggle everything and do what I need to do, take care of my family, work, school, etc. I find that I really need to find a way to carve out time to do something creative. It’s something that I was really missing this fall. And then I look at my half of the shared office and shudder. I have so much STUFF (my new 4 letter word) that I can barely get to my craft table to do anything, and spend what little extra time I do have just trying to find what I’m working on. I also want to lose weight, eat healthier, etc. etc. My life needs to be simpler–who’s doesn’t right?
So as I thought of a word to focus my thoughts on this year I wanted something to reflect thrift, simplicity, intention, and purpose.

Yesterday the word came to me while I was cleaning out the garage with my husband. I explained the one little word thing by Ali and how I wanted a good word, that was more than inspiring. And he really got into and as we talked we realized we were in the same place, wanting to be more deliberate and purposeful. I also want to get out of the habit of crashing and burning when I get home from work. I need to be doing things around the house and with the kids.

This year I want to not blindly stumble around my house trying to find things, I don’t want to be too “tired” for a little adventure with the kids, I don’t want to just eat crap or buy more crap.

I want each thing that I eat, do, and even wear be something I thought about. I will try not to multitask as much. And I will try to clear away the clutter in my house, life, and head. I will try to be in the moment and focus on that moment. Whether it’s being at work, or playing ponies with my girl, or monster trucks with my boy, or having a conversation with my husband. I will be more focused on all of these and more.

I haven’t really made goals for the year and I don’t think I’ll use that “g” word.

But I do have a list of things I want to do:
-drink more water- limit coffee
-drink no soft drinks–bye bye diet coke
-eat no fast food–one of my weaknesses
-eat out no more than once a month with family
-eat no more processed sugar–bye chocolate, sweets!
-workout at least twice a week, try for more
-paint daily- keep my water color kit with me, and try to paint a postcard a day
-take more pictures- a habit I’ve forgotten, so iphone or big camera, I’m clicking away!
-not crashing when I come home from work

I think this is a pretty reasonable list, don’t you?

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This is an idea that has been circling in my mind lately whenever I am outside.

I love to get close up to nature.

I’m love how the details in the natural world come out when viewed in a different perceptive and becomes a piece of art.

I love seeing little worlds emerge when I get in close. Moss and lichens growing on a fallen log, look like a perfect place to find a few fairies.

And I love how my little guy can make a forest for his trucks out of a patch of beets.

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A while back I had an idea that came to me as I was playing in my art journals and was trying to think of what to do. What if I made a little inspiration box? A cute little box filled with all sorts of prompts, inspiration, quotes and etc and when I needed to be inspired I could grab a little strip of paper and do what it said? Well I thought on it for a long while and figured it was a good idea but I wasn’t feeling like investing much time in to it.

Then I found some small wooden blocks that were leftover christmas decorations and thought of dice! I have a set of dice my husband gave me long ago–pre kiddy days that were a similar idea but totally different topic 🙂 I made a list of prompts and techniques, painted the blocks and wrote these out with a sharpie.

Okay maybe a little silly but it was fun to roll a dice and do what it said. I have a few more of these blocks I may add to my collection as I come up with more ideas.

like I said “quick and cheap”!

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chasing butterflies

A few days ago while driving, I noticed something yellow caught on my anteanna.
I realized it was a Swallow Tail Butterfly.
So I stopped, I picked it up off the ground seeing that most of it’s abdomen was missing so it wouldn’t be flying home, but I carried it back to the truck anyway to let me son hold it.

This is what I want my kids to learn
an understanding and appreciation of the natural world
have a sense of awe when they see a big butterfly fluttering by in the back yard
and to never be in such a hurry that they can’t stop to admire the little things in the world.

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