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After seeing some of my favorite bloggers using the hipstamtic app I decided to add it to my iphone and play. Next on my list is a polaroid app.
It is basically a way to take old-school photos with your phone. My husband is not real clear on why someone would want to take “old, cruddy, washed out pics” with the technology of an iphone. I agree it is a contradiction but I am loving the results.

“blue sky”

“a dash of pink”

“summer color”

I love the way color looks in these photos. The colors so bright it almost hurts your eyes.
What’s the appeal of these old school apps? I have a very nice camera on my phone that takes pretty good photos and videos. I have a very nice nikon that is a few years old but takes incredible photos.

I think the appeal for me is that yes we can take perfect pictures that are gigantic files. And yet, perfection is very overrated.


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