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So declared my sweet girl after I finished “fancying” her room.
For Christmas she recieved two Fancy Nancy books and since then she’s been pestering me to make her room “fancy”. I’ve been putting her off, sorry mommy has homework, sorry mommy needs to grade papers, sorry mommy’s busy.
(Insert guilty-worst-mother-ever-feelings)

Yesterday after a frustrating few hours of statistics homework I decided to start folding the mountain of laundry piled on my bed. And then I went in the kids’ rooms to put clothes away and had to bite back the urge to scream. Disaster isn’t a big enough word to cover how bad their rooms looked. Instead of blowing my top I got my girl and said let’s organize your room! And if ever there was a doubt that she’s my kid: she’s a total hoarder and pack-rat! She saves everything, and has little “treasure boxes filled with her finds.

Later we stopped by Goodwill, and since I had placed myself on a 12-step program to avoid thrift stores for a while, I was excited.
Kids were told no toys, at all. They could play with them but nothing could go home with us. As I wandered where the curtains were hung, my eye was caught by the largest mass of bright pink tule I’d ever seen.
I couldn’t tell what it was, a curtain, a canopy bed or just a lot of pink tule. I grabbed it, and when my girl saw it in my arms she just knew it had to be something to make her room “fancy”!

5 bucks later, I had it on the swing set to air it out. I’m sure my neighbors wondered what that mass of pink was flowing in the breeze!

As I looked at it, I could see it had a top and sides, and loops on the corners. Perfect for a canopy bed!
After some serious rigging with pony tail holders and a few sparkly butterfly barrettes. I had it set up. I gathered a bunch of ribbon to tie the tops and corners. Then I took the girl’s “wedding bouquet” she found at another thrift store and added flowers to the top and corners. I kept adding ribbon, and stuff. Really like a bird making a nest out of found materials.
And here you have why my girl told me that I was “the best mommy in the world even when you’re cranky and not nice”.

Wow! That’s a lot of pink! The pink of her walls almost matches the tule! yikes!
But she’s very happy and the boy was invited to play and read as long as he is good.


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On my weekly groccery list I have the basics likes eggs, bread, milk, cottage cheese, and Dora yogurt. My little guy’s favorite protein source is dairy, especially cottage cheese. While my little girl will eat a larger variety of foods, she only likes 2-3 Dora yogurts a day. I’ve tried to buy the no-name brands, or the yogurts at Costco. Only the Dora yogurt will do. And I will admit right now that I’m not real great at recycling these plastic containers (about 50% of the time I do). So, here’s my evolving list of uses for these containers.

1. Mixing acrylic paints for my projects, or mixing tempera paints for the kids.
2. Rinse water for watercolors
3. Scoops for kids
4. Sand castle molds
5. Building blocks
6. Seed starters

This time of year I get really tired of the dull, cold, gray days of winter and yearn for something green and growing. We picked up a few packets of seeds on a recent trip to a local garden store. I have been missing fresh basil so I picked a pack of basil seeds and then I let the kids pick out a packet of seeds each. As we wondered the store I was thinking of how to start my basil seeds when I saw a display of peat pellet pots. These are little discs that when water is added to them they swell to become a little peat pot filled with potting soil. These peat pots are biodegradable and can be planted right into larger pots or directly into the garden. If you are looking to save money on your gardening this is the way to go!

The yogurt containers are perfect because they hold water, fit the pellets, and have a raised area in the bottom that keeps the pot from sitting in the water.
After the pellets “grew” I let the kids each have their own cups to plant their seeds and gave them a few letter stickers to decorate their cups.

1. rinse out yogurt containers. If desired, dry and decorate container with stickers, markers or paper
2. add peat pellet, fill container 1/2 full of warm water, let sit and swell
3. place 2-3 seeds in the top of the pot, press down a bit with fingers
3. label with a sharpie, seeds sprout according to directions
4. place in a sunny spot
5. check daily, pot should be slightly damp, if it gets really soggy, drain excess water and allow to dry out for a day
6. I live in a dry climate w/a furnace running so I add a little bit of water each day

The kids’ flowers sprouted early and are doing really well.
My basil took longer to sprout but is finally poking up through the soil. I can’t wait to start cooking with my own fresh basil! I’m also thinking these would be a very fun and cheap gift for my friends who like to cook. These yogurt containers could be covered in paper or put into a small clay pot to dress them up a bit!

And now I’m inspired to start more plants for my containers for this spring.

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