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I love reading, and I will admit I like to read something entertaining and sometimes a bit naughty too. There I said it. I try to read a “good” or uplifting book from time to time but really?

So here’s what I’ve been reading and in what for: actual book, ibook, or audio:

Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi. Found at my local library, picked it up because of the cover and it’s been entertaining! Reading actual book.

The Search by Nora Roberts. If this lady writes something I want to read it, loved this book. Read it on my ipad which is actually a pretty cool way to read books and it’s cheaper than buying a hardback book!

Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell. Another author I always enjoy. Read this on the ipad, a good action/adventure story with some steam thrown in.

Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie. Hilarious, fun, crazy! If you ever find yourself needing a good, fun read grab any book by this author. I’ve read several and they are all terrific!

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Not to be a total geek but I bought the book and am also listening to the audio book from Audible. The author reads this book and I find that when I’m cycling and need something to think about this is good to listen to even while I’m going back through the book.

Nature Inspired by Tracie Lyn Huskamp. Great book of mixed media techniques inspired by and using nature!–actual book

True Vision by LK Ludwig. Great inspiration and really interesting techniques. Love to just thumb through this. –actual book

I tried to read the Twillight books but just couldn’t get into them, and even though I may be one of the only person who hasn’t read them I just don’t have the interest. Not that I object to vampire or other worldly books. Case in point: Just read the series of books by JR Ward The Black Dagger Brotherhood. I read a few in book form but had a hard time finding them so I read most of them on the ipad. Good, thrilling read and there is a lot of umm “action” of all types! And I’ll leave it at that!

What have you’ve been reading? Any recommendations?


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