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Had this photo of my dad and my little guy working on an ancient car. Really wanted to scrap it, to tell the story about how these two guys hang out and do stuff. Also wanted to cut into my big pack of Sweet Pea DSP for the first time!
(all supplies Stampin Up!)

Excuse the poor lighting but you get the idea. I somewhat simple LO on kraft, with a few embellies, and lots of story in my own handwriting. And while the journaling was what I wanted and told the story–the important part of scrap booking. It wasn’t very nice to look out. Now I’m not trying to win a scrappy contest, get published, or get on any design teams. I just want my pages to tell the story and look sort of nice. You understand right?

So here was my triage process.

1. Cut off the kraft background. Lay on white clipboard, try different color backgrounds.

2. Bermuda Bay background, not bad. And now that I look at it on the computer I like it.

3. End up choosing Chocolate Chip cs. But still needed something in that bottom rectangle. So I add a piece of pattern paper.

4. Finally end up using my Scallop envelope die to make a little spot to tuck in the journaling cards.

And there’s the final product. Much better huh? I think the kraft would have been fine if I hadn’t journaled right on it.


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I love mini books.
They are fast, fun, great way to document an event with lots of photos, and a great way to share photos. I’ve admitted that I take a lot of photos of my two cuties, but even I can only scrapbook so many photos! So I started three years ago making minis as a way to celebrate seasons and to give to the grandparents.
My two basic types are Tag and Accordion. And these two can be interpreted in many different ways.

I love tag books, either made with pre-made tags or ones I’ve made my own tags or shapes. These were tags I made to the size I wanted, bound with a binder ring, accented with ribbon, ink, paper, and stamps. I also use ribbon or twine for binding. Usually I will add a brief bit of journalling.


Another variation of tags is using die cut shapes like the Top Note from Stampin Up!.

This was a gift for my husband showing the things I love about him as a daddy and husband in photos. Each little envelope is a mini love note to him. Kind of sappy but so true.

The second type of mini, the accordion is not a new idea, I’ve seen this done all over magazines and online in a million of ways. But my variation, I call the “wallet mini” I came up on my own when my dad complained that he needed pictures of the babies to pack around to show around. So I wanted to make a mini book of photos to carry that wouldn’t be too “foofy” and would fit in a shirt pocket like the notebooks that he carries daily. Then the hubby piped up that he wanted something that wouldn’t take up too much room in cubical’ville.

I used the size of a business card as the starting point, growing into a slightly larger size to accommodate a 2×3 wallet sized photo. The embellishing and binding is kept simple. My husband likes to stand these on his desk at work. M
I like them to stay closed when folded so I’ll twist a piece of twine around a button or make a “garter” out of ribbon or elastic cording that can be slipped on and off easily!

Using wallet sized photos:

Using smaller photos:

My dad has a spot where he keeps his important daily things along with all of the minis I’ve made for him in the last three years. All of these minis are a little faded and worn. They look like they’ve been carried in a shirt pocket and taken out many times and unfolded. I love seeing this! Love seeing that something that I made is carried with such love!

And to me this is the whole point of minis: your photos are meant to be looked at, carried around, shared, and touched.

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Big news!
Time is short, life is busy, and we all have too many things we should/would/could do if we had the time! Scrapping for me has been one of those things I used to do lots and in the last year or so time’s become even more precious than before so it gets pushed to the back and neglected. So in an effort to get a shot of mojo and make my scrapping time more efficient I’ve come up with a simple exercise to to get back into scrapping and to simplify the process so I can make the most of the time I have. (note: these ideas are the results of my collecting and reading too many mags, idea books, and blogs and distilling down into my own little simple theory)

So first I found a few pages that I’ve made and just really love and came up with a list of questions to think about, if you are ambitous you could write these out but you get the idea…
Look at the page (s) and see:
a) what I like, b) what’s missing, and c) final verdict.

#1 Two of my first pages I made after having my babies. (2006)

-what I like: very clean, simple, no doubt the focus is on the photo, love the contrast of my hubby’s hand with these little faces. Love that I have these photos, love the little ache I get in my chest when I see these.

-missing: journaling? None, not even a date it was made. I think it needs at least the date don’t you? But then I look at these pics and there’s so much to say that can’t hardly be written in the space provided.
-verdict: might not be the best but I still love these pages, and wouldn’t change anything but adding a small date. Keep this technique in my tool box for those photos I want to highlight but maybe add a pocket behind the photo or mat where journaling can be tucked in.

#2 Square collage (2006)

-what I like: all the squares, all the little photos, all the cute patterns, sanded edges, handwritten journaling
-missing: journaling is a bit random which is fun but each of the photos is part of a bigger story, have I told it? The title was a oops and I just made and went with.0
-verdict: more squares, like using lots of patterns in small bits and photos. I like this LO but I think a few of those photos need separate pages to tell their story

#3 Motherhood so far (2006)

-what I like: the photos of course! clean and simple (after cathy z) typed journaling
-missing: nothing? the typed journaling (after ready cathy z’s book)
-verdict: like the focus on the photos, and that somehow while being in the trenches of taking care of 2 babies I had a moment of clarity where I documented how they would wake up each morning.

Final Verdict: (again it’s been said lots of others in a variety of ways but here’s my take)
-Love focusing on a photo for the sake of the photo
-Two kids, usually two sets of photos, perfectly okay to do the same for the boy and the girl–geeky but there it is
-Every photo has a story, tucking journaling in pockets is a way I like to use when I want to focus on the photo
-Journaling is important, I don’t have patience/time to mess w/typed so I’ll just write it out
-Love the squares, going to do them even when they’re way un-cool!
-Try to capture those special little nuggets of our life, but not stress that I might miss something! And like my dad the original smart alec likes to say “your kids have to be the most photographed kids in the world it’s not like you’re missing out on anything”. And I have to say he’s right, I’m not missing anything. But I’m sure my kids aren’t the most photographed kids in the world. Just look at Brad and Angelina’s family! ūüėÄ

In conclusion (just like high school debate) if you are trying to get scrapping or just make the most of what you’ve got I’d encourage you to try this exercise.
-coming next time, pages recently made loosely following these ideas! exciting!!!

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Looking back through old posts I found this one from May 2007. It’s hard to remember where I was at in my crafty journey but I think this was an attempt at writing my own creative creed. And even though I’ve dabbled in various styles the basic heart of why I scrapbook still stands. I’ve read Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom,and incorporated a lot of the ideas into how I keep things together. But in the end, I still do it for the same reasons, to tell my story, my family’s story as a group and as individuals, document our daily life, and persevere old stories.

here’s the original post
I know that to most people the idea of scrapbooking is that it is a silly hobby for housewifes or “crafty types” to get into. The idea that it’s just cutesy papers and stickers on a page with photos of jr’s 1st birthday. Or collecting all of your vacation pictures and writing silly commentaries about your trip. I think scrapbooking is just like this and it’s more. It’s a hobby where you can make your projects, cards, or scrap books. It can be sweet and lovely, or it can be edgey and artsy. It’s however you want to express yourself.
That being said, why should you scrapbook?
1) to record the stories you want to remember or that you want to pass down
2) document your daily life, the average day in your life
3) document special occasions, life changing moments
4) gather and collect old stories and photos and bring them together to tell a personal history
5) deal with the ups and downs of daily life

Why do you scrapbook?

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Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs. These are the ones that are in my google reader, which is one of the coolest things ever. If you don’t know about this yet, you should. It’s like an RSS reader where you set up a free google acct and subscribe to different websites. What I think is cool is that this is web based so no matter what computer or iphone you are on you can go to your google reader and have all your blogging loveliness at your fingertips! So here ya go!

Crescendoh one of the newest and best sites for daily creative inspiration.
A Collage A Day daily collages, great inspiration, and available to buy too.
Fresh Vintage A fun, hip blog about one person’s adventures trolling for cool vintage finds. She goes to some awesome flea markets that make me jealous!
All the Good Blog Names Were Taken a fun, fresh look at cards. This gal makes some of the coolest, funkiest cards ever. It’s amazing what she comes up with! Love how she uses stuff I have in totally new ways!
Junk Camp another blog about looking for junk and finding interesting ways to use them! This is the ultimate in the reduce, reuse deal! I am now inspired to make something like she shows w/dominoes.
Oh Joy another cool site dedicated design and fashion w/a ton of cool links. And while the fashion is not really my world (I’m more of the Old Navy fashion) but it still has fun things to look at.
Simple Mom just like it sounds interesting things about making things more, simple. It’s also kind of a celebration of motherhood and homemaking.
Wool Gathering an artist daily sketch blog. Simple, perfect water color sketches.
The Happy Painter a water color portrait artist who creates and posts nearly every day.
The Fancy Farmgirl being a farm girl myself, had to check this one out, lots of great photography and old stuff

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I’m behind. I hate to use that word because it sounds so much like “caught up” and that invokes guilt over not getting all the scrapping down that I should. But I just haven’t been into scrapping, and I haven’t been taking near as many photos as I normally do.

From 2008 scrapbooks

Now my parents would laugh at this because they think my kids are the world’s most photographed kids. For October I’ve taken 163 photos, and a little bit less than that for September. And when the kids and I were at the farm last? I took less than 50 photos, and very few with the grandparents or other family members. That’s totally slacking for me. A normal trip to the family farm nets at least 50 photos a day! Anyway, for me that’s not a lot of photos and the quality is less than I’d like. For me quality isn’t the technical aspects of photography it’s the variety of everyday shots of life I have. Do I have a lot of just one kid? Have I caught on camera how Jack peddles like a wild man on his trike? Did I get pics of Clara in her princess dress playing soccer? Or have I taken any photos of my hubby lately? Have I taken any of myself? These are the things I measure for quality. And looking at my photos so far I don’t feel I’ve met these self-imposed standards. Probably silly, but there it is.
But as I review the last couple of months I guess I really haven’t missed anything. Just going through a stage, I’m sure it will pass.

Of course, right now I’m consumed with potty training one of my twins. That’s pretty much my whole world right now.

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In praise of the New Year, I’ve made some resolutions¬†I mean goals. Things I’d like to work on for the upcoming year. Here’s a partial list: lose weight, get healthy (duh), get organized (sort of), be more productive, make better use of my time, buy less craft stuff (or not as much), and use up the stuff that I’ve been holding onto for way too long. After reading several boards and blogs I know that my hoarding and collecting of craft stuff is not unique to me. Many others suffer from this affliction. I had found a blog where many posters were talking about building their own kits for scraping. Did a bit of brainstorming and came up with a plan and started shopping in my stuff.¬†¬†Yes, I have lots of stuff, but I know that many others have more stuff than me, and that helps me not feel as guilty.¬†So I started with some funky cardstock that had no¬†apparent¬†use. ¬†I also included leftovers from 12×12 sheets that looked approximately 8.5 x 11.¬†Then I added 3-4 patterened papers (some where full sheets, some scraps), then I choose an alpha type (sticker, rub ons, chipboard, or stamps), I added a card or tag (something that I could use for journaling or something), ribbons (at least 3), chipboard, flowers, buttons, brads, or similar¬†embellishments. I also included things that I have collected or held on for a long time. I put all of the kits in big baggies that I’ve saved–yes, I’m a huge packrat!¬†Part of the goal I have is using things that I’ve waited to use on the “perfect” project.I also wanted to use some of the non-scrappy things I’ve collected. One of the kits has a paint chip sample that is part of a larger pile that I always meant to do something with someday. Well, someday is now.My other thought with these kits is time saving. Like a lot of scrappers, I would love more time to scrap. As a SAHM to nearly 2 year old boy/girl twins I really am limited in time. As if that isn’t enough I also work out of my home with a couple of businesses. So, if I have a few kits made up ahead of time I can do a bit of scrapping when the kiddies are taking a nap. I also think that down the road it might be fun to swap page kits with other crafters online. Maybe.¬†When I first tried this I was feeling restricted by using only the stuff in my bag. But I made myself stick it out and now it’s become a fun and easy way to craft. Plus, now if I go to a crop of a friends house I can just grab a few kits and head out the door instead of packing half of the stuff I own!¬†

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