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One storage solution

I have a small weakness for suitcases. If you’re local to the Boise area, the small table and black make up case came from Stop and say hi to Cheri!


Thrifted Scores!

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I were “treasure hunting” that’s our name for thrift stores. They love it and love searching for something new. A couple of things I always am on the lookout for: art and craft supplies, old books (cheap), and interesting office things. I have a method when I go to thrift stores and depending on my location I have a system for hitting which store first.
My first score: 4 brand new in boxes Higgen’s drawing ink for 50 cents each!

I skipped the yellow and got blue, brown, red, and green. These are permeant, acid free, and light fast. Plus they are great for drawing.

My next score deserves the a life time achievement type of award. This is something that I have wanted for a very long time, something I’ve rarely found, and when I have found it has been way too much money.
Introducing: My map drawers!

This was $14.99 at Goodwill. I nearly squealed when I saw this thing sitting on it’s side. (okay I did squeal audibly which got my kids attention>)

I knew there was no way I could leave with out it. The only problem was I had the car and my sweet hubby with the truck was at the gym on the other end of town.
Sure, I could have paid for it and came back the next day with the hubby and truck. That would have been smart.
But, I couldn’t leave it there. So I pulled my car around to the loading area and the teen guy working there was very doubtful that it would fit. And it didn’t, it hung out the back of my wagon by a foot. Goodwill doesn’t have rope or flags or anything to help tie stuff down for liability reasons. So I did what every desperate thrifter does and improvised. I rigged a rope out of plastic grocery bags, tied the hatch down and drove home slowly.
My kids thought I had lost it and were really worried the whole ride home. 🙂
But we got it home with no problems, and I wrestled it out and under my table in the garage-which is another story which my husband asked me not to share with him.

All the drawers work, and one had a new block of Fabriano watercolor paper! So double score!!

Big purple flowers

Spray painting with stencils and objects has become my new obsession.
First, I sprayed a selection of keys.

Which was cool, but I wasn’t sure where I would go with this.
So I grabbed red paint and added a few hearts, but that seemed dumb so I made lots of hearts.

And the more I looked at this mass of hearts the more I saw big Dahila-type flowers.

And the finished result makes me ridiculously happy.

As an adult, I know his story, I’ve heard his famous speeches, and I would say I have a very good idea his importance to our culture and history. This past week my 5 year old twins had been learning about MLK and we’ve had interesting conversations as they have brought home their daily projects.
Here are some of their answers:
-According to Jack, “He was a boy who wanted to play with his friends but their mom and dad said no. When I asked why he couldn’t play Clara said “it’s because his skin was tanned, and my skin is tan too and it would be rude if I couldn’t play with my friends because of my tan.”

-From Jack, “it’s not nice to not like kids because of how they look.”

-From Clara “God made us all and we are different and if we aren’t nice to others, we are not being nice to God.”

Very simple answers from the perspective of 5 year olds. But sometimes the simplest answers are the best.

keeping my balance

I have started my principal internship at the online high school I work for, along with additional classes for another degree. You’d think completing my master’s degree would be enough but then I realized I had a head start on this next step in my education since many of the classes I’ve taken apply to this degree. Plus, I wasn’t ready to pay back my loans yet 🙂

However, it’s a lot of work and if it wasn’t for my supportive husband, I couldn’t do it. This week as I find myself chained to a computer I get the feeling I will be clicking to my grave.
This painting started as a sketch of my pc mouse at work on a notepad.

As I started the painting I could imagine my mouse devouring me and adding some little teeth. It’s a bit darker than my normal and it really reminds me of a Frida Kahlo painting with lots of teeth.

The words around the edge “remember that technology is only a tool”.

A gentle reminder to unplug and take care of me a bit.

I discovered the free workshops offered by Strathmore Papers this month and signed up to take Traci Bautista’s “doodle’s unleashed” class. It’s very fun, it’s FREE, and it’s pushing me beyond my boundaries. As an artist, I have to paint something, some tangible thing. With this class I’m experimenting with different ways of making marks, creating/using stencils, and trying to let it “flow”.
Here is how my painting evolved.

Step 1: spray painting with liquid watercolor, then adding a few details.

-adding some red

-using oil pastels

-adding more details

-the finished painting

I am pretty happy with the final results, it did evolve into a flower with leaves which inspired me to add the words “bloom, grow”.

Week 2 is coming up!
There is still time to sign up for this free class!

I finished my art journal that I had started last summer.
Here’s a quick look through my video.