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On Monday the kiddies were going stir crazy and I was getting cranky trying to occupy them. So I went online to pickyourown.org, a great way to find what’s available in your area to pick or buy fresh. We ended up going to the Berry Ranch, just 10 miles from home. The first time we went there was on a pumpkin trip with the local twins club when the kids where babies.
(Insert cute baby pic here!)

This is a great little farm with some farm animals and all the farm stuff you’d want to do.

we picked, and ate as we picked.

made wishes by blowing on dandelions

looked for lady bugs

boy found a stick, girl found a tree swing

We brought home 2 lbs of berries, made a pie and a dozen muffins
My girl grabbed the big camera to document the process.

Then the boy wanted her to take pictures of the tomatoes he had picked from garden. Of course I had to grab my phone and take a of pic them!


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This summer
no big plans each day
no list of things we must accomplish
just enjoying what each day has to offer.

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Our little people, aka the LP’s turned 3 in March. After a long road of trying to get pregnant and going through all sorts of medical help we are here: With two very healthy and very active three year olds. I haven’t written on this blog about this story since I try to keep this just silly and crafty. Today I’m not going to go into all except to say that after 10 years of trying and being heart broken that we couldn’t have children, we went the IVF route and got Jack and Clara. And here they are now.

Pretty amazing that a few years ago they were just the barest whisper of a wish, a little bit of hope, and lots of prayers. I am incredibly blessed even if I don’t act like it all the time, or I don’t appreciate them like I should.

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