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Happy Easter

We are spending Easter weekend with my family at my parents’ farm. Last year they were just starting to walk and didn’t spend much time outside.This year the babies are two and not really babies any more and are able to toddle around on the farm while Grandpa and Uncle Craig do chores. I can’t even tell you how great it makes me feel to see my two little sweeties waddling around the farm in the snow, muck, and mud. I being me, have them totally bundled up in winter gear so when they fall down, they can’t hardly get up with out help. In my defense, the temperature during the day only got up into the 20’s. But the kids don’t care, they love being outside. They have totally gotten into the farm life. As soon as Jack gets let outside he heads over to the tractor and backhoe. 


Grandpa has been having fun showing the kids how to run the backhoe and drive the tractor. 



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 I admit to loving thrift shops. I like to see all the old stuff people have gotten rid of, those things that were all the rage (like the singing bass fish), the funky old tupperware, books, toys, clothes, picture frames (some with pics still in them), and all sorts of goodies. So my latest finds have been a wind up alarm clock which I thought about taking apart but it’s so fun to have that ticking in my kitchen! 

 Then I found my Royal Portable Typewriter complete with case. Needs a new ribbon, but after taking the air hose to it, it’s in terrific shape.

And now my very latest find. It’s a metal spinney thing. I got it for a buck. It reminded me of those cool 7 gypsies atc card spinners so I thought I could use it in a similar fashion. Or make it into a revolving scrapbook. I’m sorry to admit that it took me a week to remember what it was used for: holding stamps like in a office or courthouse. Still cool to me, still going to scrap it somehow!

But in the meantime I’ve used it to display some of my favorite mini books. How clever is that? This kind of silly, simple thing, is the thing that just makes me really happy. Simple minds and all that goes along.

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2nd birthday

 It’s official, my babies are two today. Hard to believe it’s been two years already! Can’t imagine life without them, can’t even think of how we thought we were happy just the two us (plus doggies). Here, I was just getting used to calling them “toddlers” and not babies, and according to my monthly baby center emails, they are now “preschoolers”. Whoa! I’m not quite ready for all that yet!  We got them little bikes called Skuuts. My husband found them at Amazon and I gotta admit they are pretty cool. I made cupcakes and displayed them prettily and felt pretty happy with the end results.

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