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Custom Fabric Journal

I love many things, but a couple of things I really love are” collecting fabric (for those things I will sew one day), journals, and altering things. So in this project I took a cute green journal that I got on sale at Starbucks and a piece of my favorite fabric to cover it. The journal is fine as it is and I’ve been using it for journaling and daily notes but was bored and trying to get inspired.

At first I considered using fabric glue which I don’t own, then I though I could use my modge podge which I have a big jar of but is pretty messy. What I used was the Greeting Glue from Stampin Up that was discontinued last year. It’s similar to liquid tombow, comes in a little tube with a sponge applicator. Basic insturctions, measure fabric large enough to wrap inside book, apply glue to one cover, add fabric, use bone folder to make crease for the cover, fold, glue, repeat.

Once completed it looked nice but we can always embellish a bit right? So I added the ribbon and metal book plate (from Stampin Up). Now, I have a very stylish and cute journal to pack in my purse.


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groccery bag holder

Since buying my sewing machine this summer I have only sewn a few things. I have mended a couple kiddie outfits including a very annoying satin and tule dancing skirt for my little girl. Still working on the basics, get annoyed with straight stitches and measuring but, I’m trying.

So here’s where my next project came from. When I go grocery shopping I try really hard to remember to grab my reusable totes that nearly every store sells. I hate plastic bags not just because of the “green” issues, but they are annoying, they are hard to store, and are good for picking up dog poo. So, I save the bags and try to keep them from taking over my pantry. Then I thought of the bag holder my mom has and probably your mom too. And thought, I can so make this. It’s basically a tube with gathered ends. I did find this web site with an actual pattern and I sort of followed it.

I love to collect “fat quarters” of fabric. There’s just something fun about these little bundles of color and texture that’s appealing and Craft Warehouse is really good at putting these coordinating patterns together in such a appealing way, I can’t not buy some. But now I have a sewing machine and a couple of books and patterns. So I can make stuff. Basically my fat qtr was roughly the same size so I didn’t bother with measuring and folded a 1/2 inch seem and pinned to I could thread my ribbon or elastic through.

Note to self, next time, place the elastic or ribbon in the fabric and then sew the hem. Threading this through my little tunnels was a real pain! Also I only had a piece of elastic for the bottom end. Kids are napping, need to use what I got so that’s where the ribbon comes in.

I was pleased that most of my seams were pretty straight and pretty. Only had a few snags and had to rethread the needle 4 times. Not bad for me. Not bad at all.
I used a chopstick and paper piercer to help push the elastic and ribbon through. I think using elastic on both ends would be a good idea.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the final result. It looks pretty, uses up fabric and stuff I’ve had forever, and hopefully tames the plastic bag mess.

And since I have my machine out and the work table cleaned off I think I’ll work on a camera strap for my nikon. Look for a new and exciting chapter in my new adventures in fabric!

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