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Since starting back to teaching this fall, it has been nothing but go go go. The kids have settled into their daycare center and are adapting to the routine pretty well. Mainly mommy has a hard time getting everything together and going, if I was organized mornings would go so much better. Of course if I was more organized so many other things might go better too!
One of the downsides to working is that it seriously cuts into my creative time. Now, if I have extra time on my hands I feel guilty for not spending it with the family or doing homework.

This weekend I spent most of the time cuddling a sick little guy with a serious ear infection and fever. I know he’s very sick when he just wants to be held and nothing but mommy will do. I asked him if mommy holding him made him feel better and he said yes, then he snuggled into my neck just like he used to as a baby. So I just held him whenever he wanted to be held. And when his sister became jealous of him getting all that loving, she started feeling sick too. So I sat on the couch with them both on my lap and cuddled them. And I remember spending a lot of time with two fussy babies who both wanted to be held and I was on my own while daddy worked. I hate seeing my kids sick, but it’s so sweet to be reminded of those baby days that don’t seem that long ago.

Now, as everyone in my house is napping, I have stolen a little time away to make a few things and be reminded of how blessed I am in this life.

A combination of my favorite things: shipping tag, text from an old novel, a hand sketched and watercolored leaf, hand stitching with twine, and a bit of vintage cutwork.


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I love birds, love listening for the different birds, love to watch them out my kitchen window and imagine the conversations they have in the morning around bird feeder. Lately birds have been on my mind so it seems natural that when I do sit down to create, birds are going to come out.

a shipping tag, combining all my things I love: shipping tags, browns, birds, buttons, old bits of lace and things.

(ink, old trims, bird stamp from Stampin Up)

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