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Making lemonade from lemons

Generally speaking, I am an upbeat and positive person. This has been greatly been tested as I struggle to balance life, family, work, school, etc. There are many times I miss being home full time with my little people, there are times I miss having the time to make things. And I miss the days when I didn’t have so many things on my plate.
But I am enjoying my job, mostly. It has it’s moments where it makes me crazy. But is any job or situation perfect? I like seeing the papers my little people come home with, I love hearing their stories about what happened at daycare or preschool. I love to hear them talk about their friends.

I haven’t had much time to create, but I’ve decided to put my paper day planner to good use and keep a journal in it and a daily sketch book.
One day at work someone commented on the making lemonades and I was in a feisty mood and I thought “what if I’m tired of lemonade”?
Here’s a pithy little sketch I drew.

I’ve started keeping a set of colored pencils in my pencil cup at work. Nothing fancy, just good old crayolas. And when I’m stuck on a conference call meeting I find myself doing some sketching and drawing.
It counts as creative right?

I like this notion of the 50’s housewife and I’m seeing this sketch evolve into something more. We’ll see!


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