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Had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving at the Farm with my family.
The view of the Tetons from their place.

My brother playing the upright base.

The chickens we love. All of us get a lot of enjoyment out of these girls.

From an old bird watching book.

The railroad tracks “in-town”.

My dad’s bluegrass group. Growing up, there was always music in our home. My dad playing, practicing with my grandma. My dad just got back into playing music a couple of years ago and it’s so wonderful to hear him again.


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November Journal

I finished up my last journal in December. Here are some of the pages from the end of November. I started out with one of these.

Then I altered it some. Here is the completed journal.

I’ve mentioned before that my journal is more than one thing, I use it for sketching, note taking, planned my research project with it, grocery list. etc..
My Mantra


Inspired by Diego Rivera- sort of.

A sketch of an idea for a Christmas gift for my husband documenting our first year.

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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas wherever you are!

(template by Ali Edwards)

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Last year my sweet husband took it upon himself to start the tradition with the kids of building a gingerbread house using graham crackers. Last year at this time I was taking three graduate classes while working full time so I appreciated him taking this on.
This year I was so happy to not have any homework that I took this project on. The key is a hot glue gun. Which worried the kiddies 😀

So first, hot glue the main structure. Including a large block in the center for added stability. (photo by Clara)

Next, cover in frosting. (photo by Clara)

Third, find all the Halloween, and Valentines candy you’ve hidden from the kids and turn them loose.

Make little trees, add clothespin reindeers, a dried up rice crispy treat found in step 3 as a present. And here’s what you end up with.

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finally done

It’s be a long couple of months in my part of the world. Between work, traveling, family, kids, and graduate school my plate has been full.
But now I am happy to announce that I am done.

Two years ago I started my master’s degree. And through hard work and perseverance I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I had a strange feeling when I submitted my last item for my portfolio. I was done. Quietly, with no fan-fare. Just done.

I’m looking forward to reclaiming my life again, to spend more time with my family, to create more, and to be more fully present.

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